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Hello and welcome to my website.

Here you will find information about cameras, lenses and photographic accessories from my point of view - that of a 

collector with a love for photography and technology.


"It doesn't matter what you take pictures with,

as long as you take pictures."

apertureonepointfour, 2020


The name of my homepage is derived from two of my favorite lenses:

Canon FD 1.4/50mm or Canon (n)FD 1.4/50mm and the Sigma Art 1.4/40mm for Sony E


I have been involved in photography for more than 40 years.

I like to share my experiences with you on YouTube @apertureonepointfour

and here on my homepage!

Hey man are you crazy Do you take photos with a digital camera and use flash lamps ?!
Yes, I am!!! It's funny, it's crazy and it's a real head turner !!!

But watch out! Never connect flash lamps directly to your digital camera! Your camera's electronics could be damaged.

Perhaps you are interested in the following topics; this is only a small selection from my offer for you in
"quick access"!


Eastman Kodak Double-X 5222 Motion Picture Film, developed with Kodak D76 and scanned with Epson V850

Rollei 35
Tessar 3.5 40mm T *
Rollei 35 S with
Sonnar 2.8 40mm HFT

Rollei 35 S Entfernungsmesser Distance meter Range finder

Rollei 35
Tessar 3.5 40mm T *
Rollei 35 S with
Sonnar 2.8 40mm HFT

Nikon F5 professionelle analoge Spiegelrefelexkamera mit austauschbarem Sucher, Wechselsucher

Nikon F5
the last AF-KB analog workhorse with changeable viewfinder

Voigtländer Classic Collection Bessa L und R Broschüre

Brochures of various systems

Hasselblad 35mm Panorama mit Perforation.jpg

Hasselblad V system

Canon FD 1,4 50mm Arbeitsblende 2,0. WEB.jpg

Canon FD system

Filmsammlung Kleinbild 135 Rollfilm 120

all about film

Heliopan Seite 20 Polfilter

Filters for photography

Kodak Motion Picture Film 3

Kodak Motion Picture Film 3

Spiegelbild 10

Tips and Tricks

Contaflex Super BC

Contaflex Super BC

Canon AV1 Sucherblick Viewfinder

different systems

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