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Hasselbald V system

It was already clear to me as a teenager: medium format means Hasselblad!

One day my father unexpectedly bought me a used Hasselbald 500cm with a Carl Zeiss CF 2.8 80mm T *.

What a gift!

Over the next few years I photographed numerous other medium format systems, Pentax 67, Mamiya 645 1000s, Mamiya C330f, Rolleicord and Mamiya Universal Press, but - in terms of grace - a Hasselblad with the excellent and legendary Carl Zeiss lenses from Oberkochen is unmatched for me .

Hasselblad Product Catalog 2000

You can browse through this catalog and see which products Hasselblad had in store for this system in 2000.

Hasselblad Produktkatalog 2000

Hasselbald camera operator

Hasselblad camera operator with models 201F, 203F, 205 TCC, 501c, 503cxi, 553 ELX and 903 SWC. The camera operator briefly introduces the models mentioned on a maximum of 1 page. A "MUST" for all Hasselblad lovers.

Hasselblad Kameraführer 201F 203FE 205TCC 501c 503cxi 553ELX 903SWC

Hasselblad brochure 1982

A little journey through time - the Hasselblad slide projector is also presented in the brochure!

Hasselblad Broschüre 1982


General prospectus

The Hasselblad general brochure for the cameras 500EL / M, SWC / M, 2000FC and 500C / M with all lenses and accessories - absolutely worth seeing!

Hasselblad Gesamtprospekt blau 500CM ELM


2000FC / M brochure

A Hasselbald camera with focal plane shutter - but also suitable for central shutter lenses

Hasselblad Prospekt 2000FC/M


coming soon

Another brochure / catalog awaits you here soon!

V-System C 4_50mm

You can get a high-quality scan of the Hasselblad camera guides / product catalogs via PayPal for a contribution towards expenses starting at € 2.99. So you support me so that this website can be preserved. The dispatch usually takes place on the day of receipt of payment to your email address stored with PayPal. Many Thanks!

  35mm panorama

Do you already have a Hasselblad and want to use 35mm film in your camera for fun? Maybe discover a new format? Expand your creative potential? Then this is an inexpensive way to get started with a new recording format.

Cheap offers for the necessary film rolls and finder masks keep appearing at online auction houses. Of course you can also crop a 6x6 negative or slide and get a panorama format. But the 35mm film in panorama format looks cooler. And trimming a roll film is a sin :-) 

Hasselblad Panoramakit

For me the 1st time

After the film was inserted, the camera went for a walk with its owner, the first pictures were taken, the first obstacle came. Portrait - I was only able to take pictures in portrait orientation. Unless I wanted to dislocate myself completely because of the light shaft finder. No not this time.

So take your prism finder with you.

Hasselblad Panoramakit

The A12 magazine with a difference

Check out my video on this topic. You can find it on my YouTube channel "apertureonepointfour" and further down on this page. You are welcome to subscribe to my channel! A big "thank you" from me for that.

Hasselblad Panoramakit

And now? How do I get the film?

All 12 pictures were in the box - an A12 magazine does not allow more. And now??

I had the 35mm film wound up on a roll film spool. Roll films are not rewound, they are protected from light by the paper in the film. Ok, so the fun was over after a short time. At home I freed the film in the changing bag and rewound it into its cartridge. So I could get it to develop without hesitation.

I learned something again !! I need another set of the reels that make the 35mm film compatible with the 120 magazine from. And of course an empty film cartridge to rewind. Then it should work with the film change even without a change bag.

More on this in my video.

Hasselblad Panoramakit
Hasselblad 35mm Panorama Filmstreifen

With this procedure, the perforations of the 35mm film including the lettering on the film are also exposed. Either you scan the entire film strip and crop the picture during the later image processing or you take the picture as it is - in all its beauty - the cool variant for me.

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