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Canon nFD 4.0 28-85mm 

Canon nFD 4.0 28-85mm Canon FTb

Canon nFD 4.0 28-85mm - the only Canon (n)FD standard zoom with 28mm focal length to light telephoto.

Canon offered a range of standard zoom lenses for cameras with FD bayonet. Among them were the fabulous goodies Canon (n)FD 2.8-3.5 35-70mm and Canon nFD 3.5 35-105mm or the optically equally very good Canon nFD 3.5 50-135mm.
This 4.0 28-85mm presented here is aimed at all owners of a Canon FD system camera who like to use a universal zoom that can cover a large part of photographic tasks, e.g. in travel photography without unnecessarily complicating the weight in the backpack with numerous lenses.


I bought this lens in 1989 during my apprenticeship as a photo retailer. At the time, I was very pleased with the optical performance, although the mechanical quality was not up to par with the nFD 3.5 35-105mm, but it was lighter for the focal length coverage offered. Everything just doesn't work, unfortunately. This nFD 4.0 28-85mm lens was introduced in November 1985. Canon writes the following about this lens on the Canon Lens Hall homepage:


"This lens features a 3-group optical zoom system in which part of the optical system is fixed, resulting in a compact body without loss of optical performance. In addition, it features Canon's movable stray light stopper, which prevents unnecessary light incidence that affects image quality by connecting with the lens optical system when zooming to obtain a clearer image.

The lens features a 3x zoom ratio from 28mm wide-angle to 85mm medium telephoto, as well as a full macro function that allows shooting up to 0.5m from the film plane at all focal lengths."


In the following video, I introduce the lens in detail.


Further below I have posted you an image gallery with photos of the lens and with photos taken with this lens.

In this video you will get to know the lens and whether it is worth buying.

- external link to YouTube -

See for yourself my colorful mix of sample photos and decide if the optical performance is enough for you.
I find the lens to be very good slightly stopped down, especially considering that this lens was introduced in 1985!
Click on the image to enlarge it!

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Canon FD 4.0 28-85mm
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