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Minolta 9xi

The Minolta Dynax 9xi (in the US it's called the Minolta Maxxum 9xi, in Japan it's the Minolta α-9xi) is a professional 35mm (35mm) film autofocus SLR camera introduced by Minolta in June 1992; the camera replaced the Minolta 9000 from 1985 as the top model of the KB-AF-SLR cameras (SLR= Single Lens Reflex, this means single-lens reflex camera).

The "xi" in the model designation stands for "eXpert Intelligence" and is intended to express that the cameras' underlying technologies are based on the expertise of professional photographers; the innovations introduced with the xi generation include the use of fuzzy logic and professional knowledge in the camera programs as well as additional automatic functions: For example, some of the lenses newly introduced with the xi series are equipped with a motor zoom (xi series). For me, however, motor zoom lenses are not a feature of a professional photographer, but - in connection with a professional camera like this - rather a hindrance. A professional photographer would like to adjust the focal length with sensitivity, this is not possible with the xi motor zoom lenses that I am familiar with. Other innovations include the transparent LCD graphic display under the viewfinder, which can display status information in the viewfinder image, and operation with two setting wheels, as was already the case with cameras from the Canon EOS model series.

Minolta 9xi with Minolta AF 2.8 28m

Minolta AF 4.0-4.5 28-135mm

I had heard many good reviews about the optical quality of this lens. Unfortunately, the mechanics are quite vulnerable.

Three (!) metal tubes built into each other form the basic structure of the lens, which is equipped with 16 lenses. And it is precisely these metal tubes that often pose a problem and may have lost their grip and precession - due to impact, hitting the tube or other accidents.

Other weaknesses include flare susceptibility, CAs, ie chromatic aberrations (lateral color errors, light of different wavelengths or colors are refracted to different degrees)  and blooming with hard contrasts between light and dark. Stopping down (f/8-11) is still required to increase image sharpness. Nevertheless, I like to use this lens when I want to travel light or take pictures in unproblematic light conditions, lost places in the interior. I also like to use this lens on my Sony A7III with the help of the Sony LA-EA4 adapter. The autofocus usually sits perfectly, is sufficiently fast, and distortions can be easily corrected in further processing (assuming a RAW file).

Minolta 9xi and 28-135mm

Minolta 9xi

AF system: Minolta's through-the-lens phase detection system (TTL) with four CCD sensors; activated by Eye-Start; multidimensional predictive focus control; built-in AF illuminator, which is automatically activated in low light conditions or low contrast; AF sensitivity range: EV −1 to 19 (at ISO100)

Measurement: TTL type; 14-segment silicon honeycomb photocell (SPC) automatically activated by Eye-Start; second SPC for TTL flash metering of a dedicated flash unit; Range: Honeycomb EV 0-20, Center Weighted Average EV 0-20, Spot EV 3-20 (ISO100, 50mm f1.4 lens)

Shutter: electronically controlled type with vertical traverse and focal plane; automatic shutter speeds: in the "P" and "A" modes stepless from 1/12000 to 30 seconds, showing the nearest half-stop;

manual shutter speeds: in "S" and "M" modes 1/12000 to 30 seconds in increments of 1/2 stop plus BULB in M mode; x-sync shutter speed: 1/300 second; X-sync shutter speed in wireless/remote flash mode: 1/60 

Viewfinder: Fixed pentaprism at eye level with 92% vertical and 94% horizontal field of view; Magnification: 0.75× with 50mm lens at infinity; transparent LCD screen and acute matte screen; Diopter: -2.5 to +0.5 adjustable; long eye relief.

Screen: changeable at an authorized Minolta service facility; Type L (matte panel with grid) or Type S (matte panel with vertical-horizontal scales)

Film Speed Range:  Auto range: ISO 25-5000 in 1/3 increments; Manual Range: ISO 6-6400 in 1/3 stop increments

Battery: 6 volt 2CR5 lithium battery 

Battery Performance Approximately 50 KB movies (based on Minolta's standard testing method using movies  with 24 exposures)

Dimensions: 6 7/16 × 3 7/8 × 2 1/2 in. (163 × 98.5 × 64 mm)

Weight:  740 g (1 lb. 10 1/8 oz) without lens and battery; Quartz Data Back model: 755 g (1 lb. 10 5/8 oz) without lens and battery

Technical data without guarantee.

Minolta 9xi with Minolta AF 4-4,5 28-135mm and Custom Card Cu

Minolta 9xi

Minolta is fun too!!

Minolta 9xi with zoom
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