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Canon EF 5,6 100-300mm L

For a long time I was looking for an affordable zoom with a focal length of 100-300 (400)mm. And just as long I forgot about the lenses from the early days of EF lenses, even though I did my first training in the photo trade as a young man back then and therefore knew these lenses well.
For my last Norway vacation, I got the Minolta AF 4.5-5.6 100-300mm APO and adapted it to my Sony A7III - but I was not happy with this lens because of its modest imaging performance.

Then I saw it: an "L" lens for under 200 euros? Plus a 100-300mm telephoto zoom?
I thought about it only briefly and bought the lens at auction.
Canon writes on its homepage (Canon camera and lens hall) about this lens:
"Powerful lens with 3x telephoto zoom. Synthetic fluorite in group 1 and UD glass in group 2 provide low refraction and low dispersion. They also effectively correct chromatic and other aberrations. Resolution is high across all focal lengths. Images are sharp and crisp. At a focal length of 300 mm, 0.25x magnification is possible."

Meanwhile, further down you'll find two video about this lens. In the first video, I tested its image quality on the Sony A7III, a 24 megapixel mirrorless camera. Furthermore, you'll learn all about its mechanical quality and autofocus performance. During my vacation in Varanger National Park in Norway, I tested this good piece extensively on the Canon EOS 5DsR - Canon's 50 megapixel SLR behemoth. Enjoy watching and I think you will learn some interesting things about this lens.
You can also check out a gallery of images from the Canon EOS 5DsR taken with the Canon EF 5.6 100-300mm L.

100mm - f8

This lens saw the light of day in 1987. It consists of 15 lenses arranged in 10 groups. 

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L adapted on Sony A7III

300mm - f5.6

Max magnification x 0.26

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L Review Test Testphoto

135mm - f8

The smallest aperture is 32; a total of 8 aperture blades were installed

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L

100mm - f5.6

Even at f/5.6, the lens offers very pleasing performance

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L adapted to Sony A7 III

100mm - f11

Unfortunately, I didn't have a lens hood available

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L-00039-100mm f11 WEB.jpg

100mm - f8

The length is 166.6mm with a diameter of 75mm

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L

158mm - f8

The lens weighs 695g

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L Test Review

166mm- f11

For me a perfect addition as a landscape lens in my photo bag!

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L f11 test Tip Tipp Review

100mm - f8

I fell in love with this lens!

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L

300mm - f8

At full aperture, the corners of the image lose just a little bit of performance

Canon EF 5,6 100-300 L

The video for the lens - here in English

Here is the second video about the lens - available from October 7th, 2022!

The EF 5.6/100-300m L on the Canon EOS 5DsR

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