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No matter what you take pictures with, the main thing is that you take pictures!

apertureonepointfour, 2020

Polaroid 330

For pack or release film

Polaroid 330

Sony ZV 1

The ideal camera for a vlogger

Sony ZV1

Polaroid Supercolor 635

A camera for 600

Polaroid film

Polaroid Supercolor 635

Polaroid 636

Polaroid 600 instant film

very popular in the past

Polaroid 635

Rollei SL 35 M.

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Rolleiflex SL35 M

Yashica GSN

35mm rangefinder camera

Yashica GSN 01

Contax RTS

A Contax RTS, here with the

Tamron 2.8 / 35 -105mm


a bright standard zoom lens

Contax RTS

Praktica super TL 3

Who still remembers the GDR?

Praktica Super TL3

Canon EOS 50 D

digital mirror reflex camera

in APS-C format

Canon EOS 50D

Pentax auto 110

The only pocket camera with interchangeable lenses

Pentax Auto 110

A joint production by Rollei, Carl Zeiss, Gossen and Compur - the crème de la crème of the German manufacturers at the time

Made in Germany with Tessar 3.5 40mm

Rollei 35 Carl Zeiss Tessar Gossen Prontor

Fuji X20

simply beautiful digital

Fuji  X20

The ingenious, puristic SLR camera for film, here with the Hedeco Lime 1 clip-on light meter

Rollei SL26 mit externem Belichtungsmesser Hedeco Lime 1

Nikon D600 (FX)

Digital full-frame camera (FX) with two f2.8 classic professional lenses - my buy tip for a great FX entry.
The video of this camera-lens combination is available on
 YouTube (external link)

001 mit Text Version 3 2.jpg

Autoknips I

Autoknips I - use Autoknips if your analog camera doesn`t have a built-in self-timer

Click on the picture to open a video on YouTube

Autoknips I und Rollei 35 self timer Selbstauslöser

coming soon


Platzhalter Bild


6x6 medium format is also inexpensive with excellent optical quality


Fuji X20

simply beautiful digital

Fuji  X20

Made in Singapore with Sonnar 2.8 40mm and Voigtlander rangefinder plugged into the hot shoe

Rollei 35 S Voigtländer Entfernungsmesser Sonnat HFT

My currently favorite AF reflex camera with interchangeable viewfinder

Nikkor AF 2.8 35-70 Nikon F5

Zeiss Ikon -

the camera brand from Carl Zeiss

here: the Contaflex with CDS exposure meter and automatic aperture control

Contaflex Super BC Tessar 3,2 35mm Zeiss Ikon

Olympus AF-1 Twin

This analog camera can always be taken with you!

The video of this model is available on YouTube (externer Link).

Olympus AF-1 Twin 35mm 70mm

coming soon


Platzhalter Bild

Large format photography

YouTube Video in english

04 WEB.jpg
Nikon D600
Olympus AF-1 Twin
Autoknips I
Sound check

Sound check of analogue cameras

for Falki and Fred

So far only dreams ...

You can receive additional high-quality scans for a fee from 2.99 euros via PayPal. So you support me so that this website can be preserved. The dispatch usually takes place on the day of receipt of payment to your email address stored with PayPal. Many Thanks!

The following brochures are available:

Zenza Bronica

In this general brochure, the three medium format cameras from Zenza Bronica, ETRsi - SQ-Ai and GS-1, including lenses and accessories, are presented. Fine, used very cheap medium format systems!

Zenza Bronica Gesamtkatalog ETRsi SQ-Ai GS-1


The Classic Collection



Bessa -R

Bessa R2

plus accessories and lenses in one brochure

analog photography in its simplicity

Voigtländer Classic Collection Bessa R Bessa R2 Bessa T Bessa L


In this compilation you will find information about various Fujifilms: Fujicolor Super G Plus 800, Fujichrome 64 T (artificial light film), Neopan 400 prof. and Fujicolor 160 NPS & NPL - a reminder of the great days of analog photography.

Fujifilm Broschüre

Special viewfinder for the Leica camera

What the Ernst Leitz Wetzlar company produced for a wide variety of (clip-on) viewfinder systems for their 35mm cameras is brilliant.

An interesting brochure for lovers of Leica cameras and those who want to become one.

Leica Spezialsucher
Bessa Serie
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