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Passionate photographer

analog on the road with 35mm- roll- and planfim - but also digital

I took my first photo with an SLR camera at the age of 10. I grabbed my dad's camera, a PORST compact-reflex and his flash.

My dad just told me to set the dial on top to the red 60 and turn the lens to 8. But, where was a subject? What could be more obvious than to take a picture of myself?! No sooner said than done! I went to our big mirror in the hallway, turned the lens, somehow the picture looked sharper now, no, not now again, but, now it's good and I pulled the trigger.


It "clicked".

Then I heard my father call from the living room to turn on the flash too. OK, second try.

It went "click" again.


And for a brief moment it got terribly bright in the hallway - too bright, because I could hardly see myself in the picture a few days later, but I could see the flash that had been triggered...

Ever since this experience, photography had fascinated me and never let me go.

At the age of 14 I bought my first camera, a Canon A1 with the Canon FD 1.8/50mm.

It was to remain my only lens for two years.

Today, numerous Canon analogue SLR cameras live with me, with a large number of lenses.

I present some of them to you here in pictures and videos!

By the way ... I still take pictures of myself in front of all kinds of reflective surfaces:

Spiegelbild 11
Spiegelbild 10
Spiegelbild 09
Spiegelbild 08
Spiegelbild 07
Spiegelbild 06
Spiegelbild 05
Spiegelbild 04
Spiegelbild 02
Spiegelbild 01
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