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Here you can browse, search, find and immerse yourself for hours.

I deliberately didn't use alphabetical sorting - it's a lot more fun that way, isn't it?

The files are available for download as .pdf files - some of them are larger files (several MB).

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Rolleivision twin MSC 300P Rollei Diaprojektor


Slide projectors of the extra class

Canon EOS System EOS 1n-5-500 etc. engli

Canon EOS

The goddess of the dawn

including with EOS 1n - EOS 3

Gossen Belichtungsmesser Spot-master Bix 3Lunasix F 3s Digisix Variosix Starlite Sixtomat digital flash


Light meters for every application

Alpa Things are simple at the top


Camera art from Switzerland

Contax 167 MT Carl Zeiss T* Objektive

Contax 167 MT

Made for the legendary Carl Zeiss T * lenses

Gossen Belichtungsmesser Spot-Master Mutisix Mastersix


Light meters for every taste

Rolleivision twin MSC 300
Gossen Belichtungsmesser
Hasselblad 205 TCC Carl Zeiss T*

Hasselblad 205 TCC

For Carl Zeiss T * TCC lenses

Hasselblad Das unendliche System Carl Zeiss T* Objektive Sucher Mattscheiben


Pictures from Australia

Mamiya 645 RB67 RZ67 Mamiya7


6x4,5 6x6 and 6x7 - the latter also as a viewfinder camera

Hasselblad Broschüre Carl Zeiss T* Objektive


The world of Carl Zeiss T * lenses for Hasselblad

Leica R das analoge-digitale System

Leica R

The digital - analog system

Hasselblad Leitfaden zum Profisystem Carl Zeiss T* Einstellscheibe Mittelformat 6x6


The guide to the professional camera system

Mamiya M645 Ein Koffer voller guter Ideen

Mamiya 645

Open your suitcase full of good ideas!

Rodenstock Objektive digitale Fachformatkameras


For digital specialist format cameras

Mamiya Medium Format Cameras RB67 RZ67 645


Medium Format Cameras Brochure in English

Gossen Colormaster 3F Farbtemperaturmesser Farbtemperatur

Colour temperature meter

The color temperature under control - thanks to Gossen

Rollei High-D-Sreen Rolleiflex 6000 6003 6008


First-class focusing screens are looking for an excellent camera

Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik Lupen


Precision loupes and more

Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik Prospekt Filter Polfilter UV ND Graufilter


Quality filter -

Application examples included

Zenza Bronica ETRsi broschure

Zenza Bronica

6x4.5 medium format camera -

here is a brochure in English

Zenza Bronica SQ-AI Broschüre 02

Zenza Bronica

6x6 medium format camera -

does it always have to be Hasselblad?

Tamron SP AF 2,8 90mm Macro Prospekt Makro

Tamron SP 90mm

Excellent optical performance

Zenza Bronica Gesamtprospekt ETRSi SQ-Ai GS-1

Zenza Bronica

A small brochure about the overall Bronica system

Zenza Bronica SQ-AI Broschüre

Zenza Bronica

more information about this camera system

Rolleiflex 6008 integral Carl Zeiss HFT


Carl Zeiss lenses also for the Rolleifelx system

Rodenstock Qualitätsfilter Prospekt UV-Filter Graufilter


Quality filters - a must-have:

UV pole and neutral density filters

Rolleiflex 6003 prof. Carl Zeiss


A 6003 professional would also be something Fenes

Rollei Produkte Rolleiflex Rolleivision


The product range briefly presented

Voigtländer Classic Collection Bessa R Bessa L Bessa L u


The resurrection of viewfinder cameras - Bessa L and R

Rolleiflex 6008 prof.


6008 ingegral

Color photo is full of praise!

Canon EF Objektive EOS IS Zoom

Canon EF lenses

Era with the beginnings of IS lenses

Zenza Bronica GS 1 broschure

Zenza Bronica

6x7 system GS-1

in English

Kodak Ektachrome 22 Dia-Direkt-Abzüge


Paper for

Direct slide prints

Canon EOS System 2000_2001 EF Objektive

Canon EOS

My system for a long time - some lenses remained

Hasselblad System Zubehör 500C/M EL/M SWC


The most comprehensive brochure of the 500 C / M EL / M SWC era

Kodak Elite Fine-Art Papier


Paper for

B&W negative prints

Voigtländer 15mm 24mm M39 Skopar Heliar


Lenses for the Bessa

and can also be used digitally

Tetenal Laborinformation SW-POSITIV


Turns every black and white negative into a black and white image

Leica World 02.2004 Broschüre Leica M6 M5

Leica News

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Leica world

Canon EF Objektive Ära mit 1. IS-Objekt

Canon EF lenses

The brochure with the 1st EF lens with IS / 75-300mm

Tetenal Laborinformation SW-NEGATIV


This is how b / w films are developed

Leica World 02.2006 Broschüre

Leica News

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Leica world

B+W Filterbroschüre UV Skylight Photografie Schott

B + W filters

My former bread and butter reading about filters!

Canon EOS Objektive analoge EF

Canon EF lenses

... from the analog era

Novoflex Blitzen Halten Stativkopf


Accessories for the discerning photographer

Canon EOS 1 analog EF Profikamera

Canon EOS 1

The first professional auto focus

Canon camera

Kodak Filter Berufsfotografen UV Skylight Polfilter


Filters for the professional photographer

All sorts of interesting facts

Voigtländer Classic Collection Bessaflex Bessa R L TM R2S R2A R3A R2A


Bessaflex - R2S - R2C

Bessa R - L - TM - R2A - R3A -

Hasselblad Produktkatalog 1996 analoge Fotografie Mittelformat analog Photographie medium format


the entire product catalog from 1996

Philips Photoflux Ag 3 B Blitzlichtbirnen flash bulbs

Philips AG 3B

Standard flash bulbs for color photography (therefore marking "B")

Osram Vacublitz XM 5 Kurzzeitsynchronisation Blitzlichtbirnen flash bulbs

Osram XM 5

Flash bulbs - also for short-time flash synchronization at the "M" contact

Minolta 9000 AF Prospekt Broschüre

Minolta 9000 AF

The 1st 35mm autofocus mirror reflex camera for professionals including a sexy quick release lever

Polaroid 35mm Autoprocess slidefilm

Polaroid instant slide films

easiest film development for home!

Kodak T-Max Filme Datenblatt

Kodak T-Max

All info about the extremely popular black and white films

Osram Vacublitz XM 1 flash bulbs Blitzlichtbirnen

Osram XM 1

Standard flash light bulbs from Osram with plug-in base

Philips Photoflux PF 6B Kurzzeitsynchronisation Blitzlichtbirnen Blitzlicht

Philips PF 6 B

Short-time synchronization also on the X contact!

Kodachrome Filme Datenblatt Kodachrome 25 Kodachrome 64 Kodachrome 200


The special slide films from Kodak - ISO 25, 64 and 200

Kodak Ektachrome 200 prof. Datenblatt

Kodak Ektachrome 200 prof.

The 200 ASA standard slide film

Kodak Vericolor Print and Slide Film

Kodak Vericolor

This is how color negatives become transparencies

Kodak Kodachrome Werbung 1956


Advertising from 1956

Nikon F5 Prospekt

Nikon F5

Nikon's last analogue workhorse with AF and interchangeable viewfinders.

Here you can find out more!

Canon T90 Prospekt Colani Canon FD

Canon T90

The Colani Canon

Nikon F90x Nikkor F90

Nikon F90x

Analogue Nikon with all the features every photographer wants

Agfachrome Process 44 E6 Slide development Diafilmentwicklung

Agfa Process 44

Slide film development
Made in Germany

Agfacolor Prozess 70 Farbnegativentwicklung C41

Process 70

Colour negative development
Made in Germany

Canon AE1 Prospekt 1977 Canon FD Canon FDn Winder AE1 AE1 programm

Canon AE1

A brochure from 1977
Canon's successful model

Canon FD Objektive Prospekt Canon FDn 1979

Canon FD lenses

Brochure from 1979

Gepe News Farbnegativ Diafilm Achivierung Slide film negativ film Archiving


Everything for archiving slides and negative films

Agfa ein neues As im Ärmel Isopan Rapid

Agfa - a new ace up its sleeve

Agfa Isopan Rapid 25 DIN

Canon Einstellscheiben EOS 620 600 RT Bedinungsanleitung Focussing Screen

Canon EOS
620 - RT

Adjusting discs - installation made easy!

Canon AV-1 Canon FD

Canon AV-1

A good introduction to the Canon FD world

Kaiser Fototechnik Prospekt Fotografie Kamera Objektive

Kaiser photo technology

The world of accessories

Rodenstock Qualitätsfilter Prospekt


quality filters and more

Tetenal TT Baryt Vario Fotopapier Barytpapier

Tenal TT
Barite Vario

B/W photo paper of variable hardness

Tetenal Laborinformation SW Positiv Schwarz-Weiß analoge Fotografie 35mm 120 220 127 Rollfilm

Tetenal Laboratory Information SW Positive

Information that is worth knowing is presented in a compact form

Tetenal RA 4 Abzüge Negativfilm

Tetenal RA4

Chemistry for processing prints from negative film

Heliopan Filter System Quality Made in Germany Schott Glas

Heliopan Filter System

Made in Germany

Leitz Summicron 5cm 3.5cm Ernst Leitz Wetlar Germany

Leitz Summicron 3,5 und 5cm

Lenses from ernst Leitz Wetzlar are still a dream today!

Pentax Gesamtproduktpalette 2000 Pentax Complete brochure

Complete brochure 2000

Small, but fine manufacturer

High-quality lenses for digital professional photography Objektive für digitale Fachfotografie


High-quality lenses for digital professional photography

Zeiss Ikon Contessa LKE

Zeiss Ikon
Contessa LKE

the easy way for great pictures

Kodak Ektachrome 200 data sheet ISO 200 ASA 200 DIN 24

Kodak Ektachrome 200 professional

Would you like a little more ISO?

Minolta MD Führer durch das Minolta Spiegelreflexsystem Systemübersicht

Minolta MD-System

The big system overview

Kodak Gold II Werbung Seite 01.jpg

Kodak Gold II

The standard Kodak color negativ film

Die neuen Agfa Film CT 64 XRS 200 Werbung Seite 01.jpg

Agfa CT64

Agfafilms were always high on my list!

Agfa CT 18 Das Agfa Rot Werbung Seite 01.jpg

Agfachrome CT 18

natural colors from Agfa

Agfacolor CT18 Werbung Agfachrome brochure

Agfacolor CT 18

at that time still called Agfacolor CT, not Agfachrome as in later years

Agfacolor CT18-CT21 Werbung Agfachrome

Agfacolor CT 18 und CT 21

One f-stop more

Kodacolr II Werbung 126

Kodacolor II

126 film

Autoknips IV Bedienungsanleitung

Autoknips IV

Self timer for cameras and lenses without self timer

Pentax 645 Werbung Advertising

Pentax 645


Canon T90 Advertising Grand Prix 86 Werbung

Canon T90


Agfa - ein echter 1000er Advertising




Kodacolor II - 1975 Advertising



Kodacolor II - 1975

Tamron Geamtkatalog 2022


Tamron General Catalog 2022

Rollei 35 Bedienungsanleitung Instruction manual

Rollei 35

The camera that can always be with you.

Canon Quarz Data Back E for Canon EOS 600 630 620 650 EOS RT

Canon Quarz
Data Back E

For your Canon EOS 600, 620, 630, 650 or RT

Canon EOS 620 Sales brochure Händlerbroschüre

Canon EOS 620

Dealer brochure

Canon EOS 600 Sales brochure Händlerbroschüre

Canon EOS
630 / 600

Dealer brochure

Kodak Infrarotfilme Technische Daten

Kodak Infrared films

A different view of the world - in black and white or color

Nikon AF-Objektive Stand 1985

Nikon Af lenses 1985

The dawn of the autofocus age

Osram XM1 und XM5


XM1 and XM5 flashbulbs - a promotional sheet

Canon Produktfaltblatt T50 T70 AL-1 A1 F1n Brochure Prospekt

Canon FD System

AE1 Programm -  A1 - F1n -     AL1QF - T-50 - T70

Minolta Remote Cord RC1000 s - RC1000 L Minolta AF Camera analog

Minolta Remote Cord RC-1000 S

Cable release for analogue AF cameras

Kodak Vision 250D Motion Picture Film

Kodak Vision 250D

Motion Picture Film

I am enthusiastic about this material: click here

Agfacolor professional Filme Seite 1.jpg

Agfacolor Professional

The professional films from Germany
XRS 100/200/400/1000

Canon AL1 qF Prospekt 1982  Canon FD Quick Focus AutofocusDeckblatt WEB.jpg

Canon AL1 qF

Quick Focus for the FD-System

Cokin Creative Filter System Rechteckfiler France Französisch

Cokin Creative Filters

the French rectangular filters at an affordable price

Anleitung deutsch Canon Bedienungsanleitung  EOS 620 EOS 650 Bedienungsanleitung

Canon EOS 650
Canon EOS 620

Operating instructions for the first two EOS models!

Gitzo Stative Prospekt Stativ


A stable choice

Canon AL-1 qF Bedienungsanleitung Einstellhilfe FD FDn

Canon AL-1qF

Easier focusing without autofocus

Gossen Multisix digitaler Belichtungsmesser Bedienungsanleitung

Gossen Multisix

1986 was the release year of this digital exposure meter -

i still use it today

Novoflex Zubehör Stativ Kamera


high quality accessories

Tetenal Photokina Neuheiten 1996

Tetenal Photokina novelties 1996

The specialist for the processing of analogue photographic material

Tetenal Negafin Pulverentwickler Schwarz-Weiß SW

Tetenal Negafin

Excellent SW


Tetenal Laborinformation Reiniger SW Farbe Chemie

Tenal cleaner

cleaning and scrubbing -

also in the laboratory

Tetenal PK RA 4 Kit

Tetenal PK
RA 4 kit

fast and economical machine development of color color images

Jobo Labortechnik Laboratory technology for the photo lab


Lab equipment for the photo lab - Jobo, that's all you need for your photo lab.

Osram Xm1 und XM1B Dechblatt.jpg

Osram XM1/XM1b


a fun change today

Schneider Kreuznach Filter und Lupen Germany

Schneider Kreuznach
Filter System

Filters and magnifiers

Made in Germany

Voigtländer Bessa L Voigtlaender


Bessa L -

the wide-angle queen

Kodak Ektachrome Duplicating Film Data sheet

Ektachrome SE

Duplicating film SO-366

Kodak Ektachrome 400 Data sheet ISO 400 DIN 27 ASA 400

Kodak Ektachrome 400 professional

Want even more ISO?

Kodacolor-X Film Datenblatt Data Sheet

Kodakcolor X

 A film from almost
forgotten times

Kodak senkt die Farbfilmpreise Werbung Seite 01.jpg

Kodak senkt
die Preise

However, this was decades the prices are increased exclusively...

Agfa CT 18 Das Agfa Jahr Werbung Seite 01.jpg

Agfa CT18

The slide film from Agfa

Rodenstock Rotelar 4.5 180mm Prospekt Seite 01.jpg


Large format lens
Rotelar 180mm

Agfacolor CT18

Agfacolor CT 18

Made in Germany

Agfachrome 200RS DatenblattThe Agfa Profi reversal film with  ISO 200

Agfachrome 200RS

The Agfa professional reversal film with ISO 200

Leica D.R.P. Werbung



Pentax 645N Focussing Screens Seite 01.jpg

Pentax AG-80

Pentax 645N and NII

focusing screen

Pentax 645 Werbung Medium format Mittelformat

Pentax 645


Canon A1 - der Multiautomat Advertising

Canon A1


Die Schnellen von Kodak - Filme 1979 Advertising Werbung



4 fast films by Kodak

Visoflex II User Manual

Visoflex II

Mirror box for Leica M models

Rolleicord IIC Bedienungsanleitung Instruction manual

Rolleicord IIc


 Canon EF Lenses Prospekt brochure Even today, every EF lens fits to every EOS with EF bayonet - without any functional restriction; with adapter even to the RF bayonet

Canon EF Objektive

Even today, every EF lens fits to every EOS with EF bayonet - without any functional restriction; with adapter even to the RF bayonet

Canon Macroring ML The companion for analog Canon EOS models and the Canon T90 in the field of macro photography.

Canon Macro Lite ML-3

The companion for analog Canon EOS models and the Canon T90 in the field of macro photography.

Canon EOS 650 Sales brochure

Canon EOS 650

Dealer brochure

Polaroid SX-70 Seite 01.jpg

Polaroid SX-70

The cult camera from 1972 from Polaroid

Anker 1
Canon EOS 620 und 650
Gepe Prospekt
Cokin Filter
Canon FD Prospekt 1979
Agfacolor Filme Chemie
Canon AL-1 qF Prospekt
Tetenal Prospekte
Heliopan Filtr System
Jobo Labortechnik
Osram XM1
Pentax 64 Werbung
Agfa Werbung echte 1000er
Canon Händlerbroschüre und mehr
Hasselblad Faltblatt 1980 Seite 01.jpg

Viktor Hasselbald

A really fine brochure

from 1980

Praktica Super TL Prospekt englisch Seite 01.jpg

Praktica super TL

Camera construction from the German Democratic Republic

TTArtisan 2.8 100mm Bubble Bokeh Bedienungsanleitung Seite 01.jpg

TTArtisan 2,8 100mm

Bubble Bokeh

Hasselblad SWC-M Seite 01.jpg

Hasselblad SWC/M

The wide angle Hasselblad

Praktica Super TL Prospekt deutsch Seite 01.jpg

Praktica super TL

Camera construction from the German Democratic Republic

Kodak Recording Film 2475 Technical Data

Kodak Recording

2475 Film - an old highly sensitive friend

Praktica super TL
Hasselblad 500 EL/M The motorized Hasselblad, automatic film transport 500 EL 500 EL/M



Ilford Galerie Fine Art Album

Ilford Galerie

Fine Art Album

Mamiya 645 Pro Prospekt Broschüre Fleyer

Mamiya 645 Pro

A step towards the modern medium format camera

Hasselblad Schwarze Objektive Seite 01.jpg



Lens Wonderland - Canon FD Lens Guide Book

Canon Lens
Guide Book



Mamiya M645 1000s

Mamiya 645

a childhood dream of mine

Canon FD Lenses Wonderland
Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S

Mamiya 67 Pro-S

Ideal format for the roll film

Mamiya 6 Seite 01 WEB.jpg

Mamiya 6

Rangefinder camera

for square format

Pentax Spotmeter V Sales fleyer

Pentax Spotmeter V

even more infos about this light meter

Mamiya Neuheitenbericht

Mamiya RB 67 prof. S

Still today a dream of many "analog" photographers!

Pentax Spotmeter V fleyer

Pentax Spotmeter V

Great spot meter for medium format, large format or anything else!

Pentax 645n Bedienungsanleitung deutsch Seite 01 WEB.jpg

Pentax 645n Bedienungs-

great medium format camera with autofocus

Mamiya Prospeke
Canon Ftb Sales brochure Händlerbroschüre

Canon FTb

Dealer brochure

Canon FD 4.5 400mm S.S.C. Instruction Bedienungsanleitung Teleobjektiv

Canon FD 4/400mm S.S.C.

Instruction manual

Canon FD 3.5 50mm Macro Instruction Bedienungsanleitung

Canon FD 3,5/50mm Macro

Instruction manual

Canon T90 Bedienungsanleitung Instruction manual

Canon T90

Instruction manual

Adox Adostop Data Sheet Seite 01 WEB.jpg

Adox - Adostop eco

Stop bath for black and white development

Tetenal Colortec C41 Farbnegativeentwicklung für zu Hause Color negative development made easy at home


Colortec C-41

Color negative processor 

for at home

Canon FD Objektive Übersicht Canon FD lenses

Canon FD Objektive

a great overview

Canon FD 4.5 400mm Teleobjektiv tele lens

Canon nFD 4/400m

Instruction manual

Canon Extender 2x A Instruction Bedienungsanleitung

Canon Extnder
2x A

Instruction manual

Techart LM-EA9 Instruction Leica M for Sony E

TechArt LM-EA9

AF for Leica M to Sony E

and for many other connections additionally with M to... adapter

Platzhalter Bild.jpg

Adox - Adostop eco

Stop bath for black and white development -I don't know why, but the picture is not displayed...maybe later?

Tetenal Neofin Blau Seite 01 WEB.jpg


Neofin Blue

SW one-time developer

Pentax SpotmeterV
Canon EF 28-80 L Produktfoto 001.jpg

On my site there are not only brochures and manuals! Dive into the world of analog, hybrid and digital photography and have a look around - use the search function on the top right of my pages and the index!
Have fun browsing!

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